name: Raffles

show name: Lobb's Folding A Paper Bird

birthday: April 25

breed: VPZ Shelter Dog

family: Caro, Cloudberry, Seaglass, Rain, Hermit, Flotsam. His mother-in-law is Scruffy.

fun facts

his star sign is Taurus

his favourite colour seems to be yellow

his favourite flavours are hot chocolate and fish it seems to be plant lol

he really likes the tennis ball, chew toy, and frisbee




by Akodara

by Akodara

by Dragoneko

(comissioned by a friend)


background and divider by Fuzzy Faces

paper background by ??

bone icon by ??

frisbee trophies from Mos Eisley, made by mouse @ cookie-planet

pose show trophies from RKC